Thursday, May 18, 2006
Princess in Pink - Meg Cabot

Princess Mia Thermopolis comes back in Princess in Pink, Book 5 of The Princess Diaries. I got hooked up with Mia in the first place because she is such a funny character, developing into a teenager with budding feelings towards the opposite species - which somehow reminds me of my own teenager days. Probably, even if we become adult with more responsibilities in hand, we still miss being teenagers ourselves especially when it comes to harboring secret feelings towards boys in the all-boy school next door; giggling away and talking excitedly about our Knights of Shining Armour. So, I figure, that's why , from time to time, I still enjoy reading teenage romance like the Princess Diaries!

In this novel, Mia has one agenda in mind. The Prom. She envisioned her going with Michael, dancing under the disco light but her biggest problem was , Michael was not the typical romantic type of guy.

Disaster striked when Mia's grandmother brought her beloved dog in a restaurant and got a busboy fired. The event triggered a chain reaction of events that had somehow dumped more headaches on Mia's head.

In the mean time, Mia was given a chance to move forward in her writing career when she was appointed as one of the feature writer for her school newspaper.

It is a lame story, so to speak. It is a light reading. But, I still enjoy it.

Rating: ***1/2 ( An OK read - Meg still maintains her funny writing style)

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February 6, 2007   02:47 PM PST
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