Thursday, February 08, 2007
Crows/ Wuya - Jiu Dan

Crows or Wuya is a translated Chinese novel penned by the controversial writer from Beijing, Jiu Dang who depicted the life of Chinese women who flocked into Singapore with high hopes to get hitched by the Singaporean men. Singapore is viewed as the land of promise that symbolizes a hope out of poverty for these Chinese women. The Chinese women then had to be butterflies of the night to support themselves while, during the day, they went to English language schools to study.

The novel evoked controversial issues in both the mainland of China and Singapore as the public did not agree with the portrayal of Jiu Dan of Chinese women in Crows. That not all Chinese women resort to entertaining men at night just to lead a comfortable life in Singapore.

Rating: *** ( Very straight-forward and simple )

Posted at 07:21 am by carriekirana2

July 16, 2011   05:58 PM PDT
I came upon this page because my husband of 28 years has been completely taken over by a "gold digger from the PRC," a woman who works at our university and is also married with three children and came to the US as the mistress and then wife of a US law professor and has now set her sights on my husband. she is demanding that he divorce me! she calls me and threatens me. a colleague suggested i read this book Crows-- so i was looking for it. this woman is not like the women invading Singpaore. She is educated, highly placed, is going to be in th e APEC limelight in Hawaii, has used her body to get ahead-- her body that is not dimunitive or any such thing. She is pushy and aggressive, money minded manages everyone from the University Chancellor to the mayor by arranging fancy trips to the PRC and cooking foods with herbs of mind control and using PRC cell phone apps to spy on peoples' cell phones. She is masively manipulative and manipulates my husband by pretending to love-- which is why I like the last comment she has turned me into a Sinophobe!
May 19, 2007   04:10 AM PDT
Did you read the book in Chinese or the English version?

I read reviews of the book in Asian Week that were dated in 2001. At the time the book caused quite a stir. The author was reluctant to go on a book signing tour because she was afraid to meet angry Chinese women in both Singapore and China.

The author back then using her pen name Zhu Ziping had high hopes of becoming a very famous Chinese novelist. Do you know if she ever wrote another book. Her earlier books did not do so well. Thanks for any and all info. (

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