Entry: Black Rose - Nora Roberts Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yes, it is another novel by Nora Roberts. Black Rose is Book Two of the In Garden Trilogy. Check out Blue Dahlia, Book One of the In Garden Trilogy. Having read most of her books, I figure Nora Roberts is fond of mixing romance with a twist of paranormal. In Black Rose, the inhabitants of Harper House has to deal again with the Harper Bride ghost who still roams in the corridors of the mansion.

In Black Rose, Rose, has to search within herself to find the courage to love again . The hero is Dr. Mitchell Carnagie, a genealogist, who specializes in tracking down the family root and was hired by Roz to solve the mystery of Harper Bride.

Over the days Dr. Mitchell spent at the Harper House, love bloomed between him and Rose which triggered the Harper Bride to cause chaos at the Harper House. Nonetheless, Nora did it again in this novel though it was a big dragging at first.

Rating: ***1/2 (still a keeper)


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