Entry: Jemima Jones - Jane Green Friday, November 18, 2005

When I finished reading Jemima J, I know I have found another gem in the chick lit world - Jane Green. A hillariously funny read, Jemima J is all about body image that women nowadays are struggling to achieve amidst the world that does not do justice to women with sizes larger than size 12. I love Jemima J a lot for the witty language of Jane Green and the strong character of Jemima, the simple yet thoughtful plot on how Jemima Jones struggles to lose weight so that she could meet her dream guy whom she meets over the Net. The bottom line is, Jemima J discovers the meaning of true love and friendship in a down-to-earth language. Easy to understand yet bears a deep meaning about the world of love.

Rating; ****(A keeper!)


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I have read all of Jane Greens books, yet "Jemima J" remains a firm favourite! A close second by her would be "Straight Talking" Greens' books have an easy to read narrative, likeable but flawed characters and laughs here and there. After a long day at work, its good to relax on the couch with a coffee and unwind with her books.
November 19, 2005   08:04 AM PST
The best book from Jane Green! Love it lots!Buku2 lain dr Jane Green are not as good as this one(my opinion la). Best kan citer nih?Hehhehehe

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