Entry: Chill Factor -Sandra Brown Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sandra Brown did it again with her latest novel, Chill Factor. She has always been one of my favorite authors when it comes to suspense thriller with a romance twist. And, so far, her works never dissappoint me.

Lilly Martin went back to Cleary to close up the cabin she owned with her ex-husband, Dutch Burton. Though the marriage had ended, Dutch was hoping for a reconciliation but to no avail. Dutch left earlier, heading back to Cleary while Lilly stalled back to pick up some belongings. On the way down, Lilly nearly hit a man on foot in the middle of a heavy snow storm. They had no choice but to climb up to the cabin to take shelter and wait until the blizzard gone.

The story picked up when the man who got hit by Lilly was being pursued by police for suspected abduction and murder.

All in all, it was a satisfying read with a good plot twist. As I mentioned early, Sandra Brown has always had her own way to finish her story with a pop!

Rating:****(A Keeper)


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