Entry: Undomestic Goddess -Sophie Kinsella Friday, May 12, 2006

"Sometimes, you don't need a goal in life. You don't need to know the big picture. You just need to know what you're going to do next." - Samatha Sweething, a distinguished lawyer at Carter Sphinks, London.

I have come to love Sophie Kinsella's works eversince her best-selling Shopaholics series. Her writings never fail to catch me off guard with her creative plots and twists , though the stories are mainly about her female characters trying to become better person through their quirks and mistakes in life. No one is perfect and Sophie portrays her characters in just the right mould of today's reality.

Undomestic Goddess is a story about a woman who has to make a choidce between her uptight, challenging career as a corporate lawyer in London and  a simple pristine life in the countryside. After a major disaster which threatened to wreck her lifelong career as a lawyer, Samantha walked out of the Carter Sphinks offices, dazed, took a train to a middle of nowhere and applied to became a hired housekeeper at a mansion owned by a weird couple.

She met Nathaniel, the gardener who tends to her employer's garden and along the way, feelings got into way.

Sophie still maintains her witty style in this latest novel and it just tugged my heart.

Rating: ****( A keeper )


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