Entry: The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In anticipation of a highly controversial upcoming movie The Da Vinci Code, I was compelled to read the novel I bought at a warehouse sale last year. I bought the novel out of intrigue on the big hype about the Da Vinci Code.

Put aside the controversial issue hovering on the new belief about Christianity which is based on the new testament, Dan Brown was at his best when he wrote the book. Strikingly rich with information on the paintings of Da Vinci, Priory of Scion, Opus Dei and the Holy Grail, I could see the tremendous effort he had put to come up with a tale within a span of 24 hours.

Da Vinci Code is indeed packed with nerve-racking events in which Richard Langdon, a Harvard symbologist, teamed up with Sophie Nevew, a French cryptologist to find the answer behind the hidden clues left behind by Jacques Saunière, a renowned curator at the famous Louvre museum in Paris who  was murdered. Sauniere was trying to protect a secret that would shake the Vatican City's administration. Codes, clues and riddles were the main essence of this bestselling novel that would keep readers at the edge to find the alternate version of tales on the much sought after Holy Grail.

No doubt, it has become a best-seller.

Rating:****1/2( Definitely worth a reading and a keeper)


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