Entry: Red Lily - Nora Roberts Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Three women learn that the heart of their historic home holds a mystery of years gone by, as number-one bestselling author Nora Roberts brings her In the Garden trilogy to a captivating conclusion, following Blue Dahlia and Black Rose.

A Harper has always lived at Harper House, the centuries-old mansion just outside of Memphis. And for as long as anyone alive remembers, the ghostly Harper Bride has walked the halls, singing lullabies at night...

Hayley Phillips came to Memphis hoping for a new start, for herself and her unborn child. She wasn't looking for a handout from her distant cousin Roz, just a job at her thriving In the Garden nursery. What she found was a home surrounded by beauty and the best friends she's ever had-including Roz's son Harper. To Hayley's delight, her new daughter Lily has really taken to him. To Hayley's chagrin, she has begun to dream about Harper-as much more than a friend...

If Hayley gives in to her desire, she's afraid the foundation she's built with Harper will come tumbling down. Especially since she's begun to suspect that her feelings are no longer completely her own. Flashes of the past and erratic behavior make Hayley believe that the Harper Bride has found a way inside of her mind and body. It's time to put the Bride to rest once and for all, so Hayley can know her own heart again-and whether she's willing to risk it...

The final trilogy of the In Garden series, Red Lily summed up the story of a Harper's bride ghost who roamed the Harper House for centuries. Readers need to read the  Blue Dahlia and Red Rose in sequence before attempt to read this as Red Lily is a continuation of the plot in the two earlier works of the In Garden series.

In Red Lily, Hayley, the young mother of baby Lily, set her eyes on Harper, Roz's eldest son when she came to Harper House a few months back. In this novel, the Harper bride "Amelia" came out the strongest as it continued to possess Hayley's body in order to send the message to her descendants of her tragic life when she became the mistress of Reginald Harper, Rosalind's Harper great-great grandfather.

Nora Roberts's writing style continued to shine in this novel as she developed compelling rich character of Hayley who has to take the ultimate risk to build a trust in her relationshio with Harper as well as fighting off the ghost who would shaken the budding trust and love in her current relationship.

Though the story was not as poignant as her other works, it is still a good read with a creative ending.

Rating:***1/2 ( OK)


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