Feroza Jusssawalla » Hi, I'm so glad I found your citation for Crows, because I was looking for it all over.. Can you tell me where I can buy it? my e mail is imohf@aol.com
darina » hai carrie...do u know where i can buy the calhouns by nora roberts?read it once during my uni days..its been ages...i love NR toooo!!!
carriekirana » aiskrim..yeah it is a while since i last update but im still reading the english novels ..its just now i concentrate more on reviews on Malay novels
carriekirana » survey the bookstores first and look around u might find a book that interests u ... as for me - i would check the reviews first before buying a book that interests me. Good luck!
carriekirana » liyana - check out the reviews on certain books you want to read there are many book reviews on english books in the Net
aiskrim » Hi, I see that u have stopped updating too.. hehe. Bicara Buku have been closed.
Liyana » variety of english books at the Popular makes me confuse which 1 to choose.I don't want to be dissapointed after reading the 1st book.btw I don't mind bout the price.
Liyana » Hi kak Carrie. I hope u can give ur suggestion bout choosing an english novel. I want to start read one. but don't know what kind of book should I buy.
carriekirana » hi farah.. yes... I am an avid fan of NR simply because of her strong women characters
min_adrian » salam sejahtera cik carrie,sory ye x brape pandai english,tapi ulasan tentang novel wuya/craw mengingat kn saya pd drama mandarin klu x silap terbitan tcs 5 or taiwan yrs 97/98...really gud drama
farah » I reallly3 LOVE ROARKE n EVE! they r a great couple! hard 2 find couples like them.. :
farah » btw, McGregors series from NR r superb too! Lots of her books r!
farah » hi carrie.. i've read most of NR books. She's a GREAT author U should read all of her in death series. I LOVE them! River's End, The Reef, Angel Falls, they're among the best! :
spectacularwave » hello there carrie.. i was surfing the internet and found your blog on malay romance novels.. and this link...
bkcraver » 'alo carrie, great blog! Read joanna trollope, anna quindlen, anne tyler? Atwood's The Blind Assassin is superb. ps I love NR too!
arirada » 8SQ81
arirada » 8SQ81
arirada » 8SQ81
Liza » Hi Carrie, pls do look out for the 5th book of the Shopaholics series "Shopaholic & Baby" which wll be out next year
MamaErra » hi carrie... i know u r so bz lately but maintain ok!
carriekirana » Liza...yeah I know abt Madeline Wickham...
carriekirana » cwazy rabbit, yeah ....I read all of them those days when I was so into romance...Agree with you - I like Knight in the Shining Armor the most!!
carriekirana » ailisa....I already read mirror image long time ago
Liza » Carrie, fyi Madeline Wickham is the real name for the author of the Shopaholics series
cwazy wabbit » Cak! carrie, have u read any of Jude Deveraux books? I simply adore Remembrance & Knight in Shining Armor..
ailisa » u should try mirror image...sandra brown...
carriekirana » hi liza, yes...im malay. Y?
serra » hello! Carrie...update pls!!!
liza » Hi, luv your blog. Are you malay?
carriekirana » aiskrim, i heard where the rainbows end by cecilia ahern is good !
aiskrim » Ever tried Cecelia Ahern? She's good,even her writings are different. . Neway,i'm too bz to update bicara buku.. huhuh
carriekirana » JN, thnks for the tips, will try to get them...pheww...and I still have a mountain of books to finish reading...
carriekirana » walthrulife, I will have to check that out
carriekirana » hi aiskrim, yupp...am reading tuesdays with morrie
aiskrim » hi,read any good books lately?
walkthrulife » hi there bloghopping..ever considering joining the malaysianbookcrosser egroup
John N » Hi Carrie... JN here... try reading Paolo Coelho.. it's very proetic and beautiful.. and for a funny and witty style.. go and look for Nick Horby's novels....
nassie » hey, jus droppin by. yeah sophie kinsella simply rox
Name » Message
Name » Message
carriekirana » aiskrim...I am getting back on track to read English novels....just for a short change...
aiskrim » oh yeah, sophie's world is good too. full of philosophy on life!
aiskrim » i see u got mark haddon on ur bookrack, have u read it yet? I read it last week n it really different! Like it! Neway, r u into fantasy novel as well?Might like to try Neil Gaiman/Philip Pullman
carriekirana » I read stephen king but I stopped reading it a long time ago.....too scared to finish the book
carriekirana » antubuku ..I collect some and I borrow some....not all of them are keepers
antubuku » one last Q, do u collect or just borrow Nora Roberts' novels?
antubuku » Do u read stephen king, robert ludlum and John Grisham, I'd love to see ur review if u do
KRUfan » yup!i'm gonna collect em all!
Carriekirana » KRU fan, tak rugi baca Shopaholics series....
KRUfan » Still reading confessions of a shopaholic...
carriekirana » rnysa, saya jugak tengah sibuk membaca shopaholic & sister
rnysa » slm kenal carrie. saya baru ikuti ur review on english novel (yg bm dah lama). saya pun addicted to shopaholic series. baru je beli yg latest one - Shopaholic & sister... best!!!
carriekirana » hi antubuku...
antubuku » hi
carriekirana » tinta, ada member pun syorkan novel yang sama....tapi carrie tak sempat lagi nak baca
tinta » for english novel, sy suka tony parson, novelnya bestseller Man & Boy quite simple, One For My Baby pula touching sikit. Cubala baca. gayanya simple coz parson seorg reporter.
Carriekirana » aiskrim...bestnye...bicaraku pun semakin aktif sekarang )
aiskrim » heh, just finish david baldacci christmas train. It touch my heart
carriekirana » joliekins.... ur daughter is amazing...she is so well-advanced in her readings.....i am also hooked to princess diaries...hehehe
carriekirana » Aiskrim, I masih membaca shopaholics ties the knot....masih terkial-kial di situ
joliekins » I remembered when I was her age I was still reading Bujal/bambino/dewan pelajar magazines and havent got myself hooked on Sweet Dreams novels yet.
joliekins » my 9 year old daughter is moving on to the Shopaholic Series next. She saw me hooked to all the 4 books & she is starting the first one as soon as she finishes her princess diaries series.
aiskrim » Yea!!Manage to read all 3, the shopaholic series!hehehe.. Tgh mengintai shopaholic yg lain.
aiskrim » i skrg tgh syok layan shopaholic.. hehehe.. and been trying to buy warrior of light by paulo coelho. so inspiring!
carriekirana2 » hi walkthrulife...tq for dropping by
walkthrulife » blog hopping..glad to find a blog about books
carriekirana2 » Yupp aiskrim, I like her a lot...I like her style of writing
aiskrim » u really like nora roberts ek? neway, princess diaries masuk in wanted list lah
aiskrim » love notebook too!! seen the movies yet? just finish reading can u keep a secret by sophie kinsella. love it! nak baca shopaholic series!!!
carriekirana » I love the Notebook very much. In fact, it is one of my keepers.
carriekirana » hi jazelle..thanks for dropping by
jazelle » www.jazellee.blogspot.com
jazelle » hi there! I came across ur blog.. Nice! Keep up the good work.. btw, I Love Nicholas Spark's esp the Notebook and the memorable "A walk to remember"..such a beautiful novel..